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Grace and Willemien are in desperate need of a loving home. They are available for adoption at the Wet Nose Animal Rescue. Grace and Willemien were rescued from appalling conditions at the Puppy Mill farm where they were used for breeding so extensively, and indiscriminately, that their hormone balance has been affected. This has led to them being grossly overweight. Perhaps after sometime on a controlled diet and with regular gentle exercise they may lose some body mass – but how can someone have done this to these two loveable dogs? because they are lovable.

Grace desperately wants to be a lap dog; she is so affectionate and gentle. She adores being cuddled and having her ears fondled. Willemien is somewhat shy, but still so willing and responsive; just look into her eyes and see her wonderful nature.

It is a miracle that both dogs are so well disposed towards humans considering their early life at the Puppy Mill farm. Both dogs would benefit by being part of the family; they are fine with other animals and children. However due to their physical condition they need to live a reasonably quiet life, so it would be best if very young children were supervised when playing with them.

Contact Details for Wet Nose Animal Rescue:

If you would like to adopt a dog from Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre, please contact 013-932 3941