Pretoria Computers & Web Design is based in Doornpoort, North of Pretoria near Wonderboom Airport. We are suppliers of computer hardware and software, We also do web development using PHP and mySql. We offer services to clients in the Montana, Pretoria North, Akasia and Moot areas. We are problem solvers and will find out exactly what is causing your computer troubles.

Pretoria Computers & Web Design. When it comes to website design and development, we do not do the budget approach, only because it is not good for the client. Small businesses need sales not exposure. You can’t pay rent with exposure. You need money for that, and only sales earn money. When we develop websites, we include SEO in our planning. There is no point in developing websites without getting results. Visitors to a website are important, but the right visitors even more so. We know there is good traffic and bad traffic. Good traffic is people looking for the service we want to offer, have the money and can be serviced by us because they are not a million miles away. Bad traffic is anyone else even if they have money are looking for the product or service and we cannot supply because they are too far away from us.Pretoria Computers & Web Design will develop websites from a basic html site for the smallest of businesses to a fully interactive site that offers products and solutions, like our own website. We are also the developers of htps:// a Pretoria based website specialising in service orientated businesses in Pretoria and Centurion, A (wo)man that can.

Our website design is always responsive and will work on any device from a smart phone and tablet to the biggest of TV screens. We do this because Google is giving more and more weight to sites that are mobile compatible in the search results.

Contact Details for Pretoria Computers & Web Design:

Contact Person:
Guy McLaren

076 934 3640


143 Sandvygie Crescent
Pretoria, 0117