Pizza Del Forno Hartebeespoort - Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Del Forno Restaurants pride themselves in friendly service and quality ingredients, resulting in the BEST tasting Pizza and Pasta experience around. The  motto of a Pizza Del Forno Hartebeespoort pizza restaurant is “A good pizza is like a bottle of red wine. It consists of a blend of aromas and goodness that grows from the earth”. There is nothing better than the delicious taste of Italian styled pizza made in the traditional wood burning oven. To view the online menu of this pizza restaurant, visit our website:

Pizza Del Forno has many years of experience in the pizza industry, and has expanded in Pretoria and surrounding areas to Hartebeespoort, Hatfield, Groenkloof and Montana. Pizza Del Forno Hartebeespoort pizza restaurant is a family pizza restaurant and coffee bar, and offers a wide selection of delicious Mediterranean meals, and provides sit down and take away facilities.

Pizza Del Forno Hartebeespoort – Pizza Restaurant Menu:

  • Pizza: Original, Classic, Gourmet
  • Pasta: Traditional, Del Forno
  • Foccacia
  • Salads, etc

Contact Details for Pizza Del Forno Montana – Pizza Restaurant:


(012) 253-5195 | 076 814 5851

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