Justice for ZULU

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Contact Wet Nose Animal Rescue if you have any information info@wetnose.co.za or 013 932 3941

This is what we know so far…
On Tuesday 25 June Zulu was dumped and left to die outside Cullinan on a dirt road just off the tar road that goes between Zambesi Road Pretoria and Cullinan. He was dehydrated, starved, badly neglected and within an inch of his life.

His owners were driving a previous model SILVER TOYOTA FORTUNER like the model in the picture below, with a 3m long, single axle white/cream livestock trailer. The trailer, which we believe was rented, was the kind that you transport sheep in, not nearly fit for horses. There were 2 horses in the trailer and after Zulu was dumped and they drove off with the other horse, a Bay, tied down with his feet sticking out between the side bars of the trailer. They were seen stopped when both horses were still on the trailer on the road outside Africa Tanks in Cullinan and the lady got out. She was a very presentable woman in her 30ies with a pink and white dress on. The driver was an overweight man in his 40ies with a leather jacket on. We believe they came from Montana side of Pretoria. The timeline that we have is between 7.30am and 9.30am.

We have tried to find CCTV footage and contacted all the trailer hire places we could find with no luck. People, we can not let these savages get away with this. Someone has a dash cam or CCTV footage or remembers something. Huge rewards are being offered by animal lovers and we all want Zulu to get his day in court. If you know anything, please come forward. There is still another horse out there at the hands of these despicable people and we are by no means ready to give up looking. Pls dont stop trying to help us…

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