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Fire Alarm Systems – Pretoria Gauteng. EyeDentiFire is a trusted specialised systems company that are focused on identifying your business’s most valuable assets and protecting it in the fire, electronic security and safety departments. Our products and services include Fire Detection Systems, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Alarm Services, CCTV Installations, Access Control Equipment, Wireless Nurse Call Systems, Public Address Systems.
We are a supplier of Hand-held Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, and Breathing Apparatus. We are able to service all firefighting equipment. Our outsourced consultants provide accredited Fire Fighting Training.

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Fire Alarm Systems – EyeDentiFire Services:

Fire Detection Systems:
Fires cause a lot of damage.
Measures you can take to manage your fire risk.
Fire Suppression:
These Systems are developed to automatically extinguish fire by applying a specific substance. It also alarms all personnel to take immediate action to minimize the damage.
Fire Alarm Services:
Fire alarm installation is the first step in protecting life and property in a fire.
Ongoing fire alarm inspections and testing are necessary.
Secure your business with surveillance cameras.
We offer a variety of different types of CCTV camera to suit different situations or premises – selecting the proper camera for the right application is vital.
Access Control:
Monitoring and controlling access to a building or property using modern electronic equipment.
Modern access control utilizes electronic credentials or biometric recognition to grant or deny access.
Wireless Nurse Call:
Used in hospitals, assisted living centres, or rehabilitation facilities.
Helping healthcare providers serve their patients more attentively and efficiently.
Use of technology to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and those they serve, can improve responsiveness, levels of care, operational efficiency, and patient or client satisfaction.
Public Address Systems:
At a minimum, these systems comprise of a microphone, an amplifier and a loudspeaker, to make announcements at sports stadiums, air and rail terminals, and the sound produced by a singer or musician , as well as recorded music.
We specialise in installing PA Systems in buildings and for a Fire Evacuation.

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Jean-Pierre Fick

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083 625 3828

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