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UCP Paving Pavers Contractors

UCP Paving Pavers Contractors - Roodepoort Gauteng

UCP Paving Pavers Contractors – Roodepoort Gauteng. Paving can add tremendous aesthetic appeal to your home. Whether your consideration is new driveway pavers, walkway pavers, patio pavers or pool pavers, the benefits are numerous. Not only are they extremely durable, but you can create your own unique landscape with a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Always keep in mind, though, that any paver installation is only as dependable as the preparation process. So, ascertain that the paving company you use is reliable, professional and knowledgeable.

UCP Paving Pavers Contractors Services:

  • Paving & Tiling – interior & exterior residential and commercial tiling & paving.
  • Building & Alterations – plumbing, fencing, paving, tiling, electrical, geysers, blocked drains, ceilings, waterproofing, steelworks, roof repairs, and more.
  • Waterproofing – maintenance on all types of roofs, roof repairs, new roofs, waterproofing.
  • Painting – painting & wall coating.
  • Handyman Services – blocked drains, geyser replacements, ceilings, more.

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UCP Paving
715 Corlett Ave
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