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Payroll Solution Services

Payroll Solution Services - Sinoville
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Payroll Solution Services offer a fully comprehensive, cost-effective, reliable and confidential payroll solution for any size company. You can stay focused on your core business by outsourcing your payroll to us. You can reduce your monthly overhead expenses, have fewer hassles, lesser risk and faster turnaround time. Payroll Solution Services will insure your employees with a confidential, error-free, timely salary payment and slip with the correct earnings, withholdings and deductions. Our aim at Payroll Solution Services is to streamline your payroll process, cut costs, and provide a comprehensive payroll solution at affordable rates.

Payroll Solution Services:

  • Payroll Package
  • Set-up and running of Payroll
  • Calculating Payroll Taxes and Given Payslips
  • Filling all Payroll Returns to SARS and Department of Labour Issuing IRP5 Certificates

Comprehensive Payroll Solution Services Include:

  • Monthly collection of payroll information
  • Complete payroll processing
  • Leave capture and provisioning
  • Generate payslips (electronic or laser printed payslips)
  • Payment file with net salaries/wages
  • Providing standard salary related reports (printed or electronic)
  • Third party payment recons. PAYE, UIF, SDL, Pension/Provident, Medical Aid, Garnishee, Unions etc.
  • Monthly EMP201 return to SARS (PAYE/SDL/UIF)
  • Monthly UIF declaration file/submission to the Department of Labour
  • Delivery or E-mailing of payroll reports and payslips at month end
  • Bi-Annual online EMP501 reconciliation
  • Uploading and issuing of year end IRP5/IT3a Certificates
  • Completing Workmen’s Compensation annual return
  • OTHER SERVICES: Garnishees administration; Managing employee benefits (Pension/Provident, Medical Aid etc.); Application for Tax Directives on behalf of client; Quarterly returns to Statistics SA; Limited HR assistance.

Contact Details for Payroll Solution Services:


Contact Person:
Maritza Currie

082 413 0893


Beta Avenue